UPDATES: Whenever Possible For David Atsushi Sato, going to school was just another mundane task, until his parents decide to send him to Osaka, Japan to get in touch with his Japanese roots. Easy for them to say! What about all his friends in Vancouver, Canada? What about his best friend, Jon, struggling with feelings of unrequited love? In addition to culture shock, family obligations and budding first love, in walks Takizawa Daisuke, 'hearthrob of the century'. With a love triangle 4918 miles wide in the making, the outcome has to be...love, definitely! (This is a Boys Love comic)

February 4th, 2009, 10:29 am

It's urm......a new comic page.

Yes friends, your eyes are NOT deceiving you. This IS a new page that you see posted on the Latest Page.

Urr...not much else to say but, thanks so much for being there, all of you.

Must go to work now. Running late as it is.

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