Watashi desu!
Age: 27
Height: 5' 3" (why do you think I make my characters so tall!)
Blood type: O+

Hi! How are you today?

A little about myself: I'm Singaporean Chinese, but often get mistaken for being Japanese, Korean, Thai...insert other Asian country here. I live in Canada (Canada Rules!), and think it's the best country on earth. I love girly things like shopping, brand-name shoes and bags, and brightly coloured martinis, but I'm also partial to driving fast cars (my baby's a modded Acura RSX type-S), drift car racing, and obsessive anime watching. I'm also learning Japanese. I'll master it one day! Honto desu!

A little about my drawing style: I originally started this comic as, 1) a way to get in some much needed drawing practice, and 2) to see if I could actually complete a project for the first time in my LIFE! Luckily for all my gentle readers, my drive to continue drawing and getting better is still strong. I get frustrated at the fact that 15 year old kids have far superior Photoshop-ing and drawing talent than I do, but we must not give up hope! I will always try my personal best. Ganbarimasu!

A little encouragement: I would love to hear from you. (No Flames Please! let's all be polite) It would make my day if you sent me fan art! So happy!

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