Ch. 3_Pg. 83

Please read from right to left.
April 10th, 2007, 12:33 pm

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Author's Comments:

kurasune, April 10th, 2007, 11:44 am

New page...we're on a roll today! ^___________^
Hi everyone!
Hope everyone had a pleasant and restful Easter holiday...I know I did. ^__^ That's more than I can say for poor Atsushi-kun though...the angst continues. >.< Gomen!

In other News: Spring layout will hopefully be up some time this week, so please look forward to it! Also, a warm welcome to all new fans and a hug and hello to old aquaintences, namely Lancha! Hello! Hello! ^__^

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User's Comments:

Lancha, April 10th, 2007, 12:50 pm

oh... I wonder what will happen now~

Hana yori Dango in the BL version? *___*; (nah... I don't think so XD''')

kurasune, April 10th, 2007, 1:06 pm

A-san--I'll make sure the Spring layout is extra pretty for you! ^__^

Lancha--Lovely to see you back at SJ! It kinda seems a bit like Hana yori Dango (I only read the first few manga), doesn't it, except that Atsushi is not particularly poor or particularly smart. ^__^

Jodiii (Guest), April 10th, 2007, 1:12 pm

wow, naked in the school fountain XD sounds like summat i would do... anyway, loving the story so far! Your truely awsome =]

smart_lozer, April 10th, 2007, 1:14 pm

Yayz an update~! I really like the last panel :3
I can't wait to see the new layout x3

Kuromei, April 11th, 2007, 5:14 am

Awwww. T_T Poor Atsushi. *huggles more*

Hyrea, April 12th, 2007, 6:28 am

XD Hehehehehehe I just finished the comic so far and it made me giggle like crazy.......................XD;;;;;;;; <3

I r00t for Daisuke!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

kurasune, April 12th, 2007, 11:10 am

Wohoo! Let's all get nekked in the fountain! *splashes* Sorry, it's work time but I'd rather be in bed.

Thanks for all the comments everyone!

Neka--perhaps I can sneak in a little green, just for you. ^_~

Hyrea--Thanks so much for visiting! ^__^ Yay for liking Daisuke! &#31169;&#12418;&#22823;&#22909;&#12365;&#65281;

MuriraRK, April 12th, 2007, 11:14 am

;__; Everyone's being mean even though he didn't mean it. Boo! XD It's just cuz Daisuke is so cool that he can move the entire student body to mob Atsushi if he wanted. Meeheeheehee.

Heldrad, April 12th, 2007, 2:32 pm

ohh, poor Atsushi~ I wonder what's going to happen after this! x33

katelynna (Guest), April 12th, 2007, 6:20 pm

Hmmmm I love how you always have interesting stuff like that naked in the fountan story.....I I can't wait to see what hapens next!!!!

Odonto (Guest), April 13th, 2007, 11:59 am

Yeah, sure. You just punch someone like you did by accident. Like a monk's reflexes.

<_< Daisuke's fan club should get Atsushi naked and throw him in the fountain. That you be a good punishment >:]

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