Ch. 2_Pg. 33

Please read from right to left.
September 22nd, 2006, 12:10 pm

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Author's Comments:

kurasune, September 22nd, 2006, 10:51 am

More Japanese Sound Effects Many apologies for the messed up voice bubbles. I know the order is not what the eye and brain want to follow. I should have had Haruchika to the left side of Atsushi instead of the right to get the continuity correct...gomen!

The top panel has sound effects--Kin kon kin, which is the school bell sound.
The bottom panels have--Wara Wara, which is the sound of a crowd, in this case, of students.

By the way, I just have to say I agree wholeheartedly with Greenlake, who said a couple of pages back that Atsushi looks so cute in a uniform! He does, he does! ^__^

And, last but not least, a hello and thanks very much to all my new fans that I've collected over the last few days!

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User's Comments:

Lancha, September 22nd, 2006, 12:19 pm

lol XD this is SO like the typical school bishi XD

but I heard from a friend that in japan it really IS like that O.o;

kingv, September 22nd, 2006, 1:28 pm

lol, David doen't seem as impressed by the new guy as his friend does.But i'm very curious as to how those two will get together. ^^

ninjarobot, September 22nd, 2006, 5:01 pm

@ last panel: OMG butts! hello!

dude (Guest), September 23rd, 2006, 1:20 pm

cool takizawa reminds me of yuichi kazuki from "only the ring finger knows"

Yaoilovertash, September 23rd, 2006, 1:51 pm

Interesting dude, I was thinking of the same thing, a cool guy that everyone admires definitely remids me of Only the Ring Finger Knows, that is my favorite manga actually, and this manga is one of my favorites online.

kurasune, September 23rd, 2006, 8:46 pm

Yay! It's Saturday! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today! Doing anything fun? Shopping, eating, sleeping, partying...?

Tash, thanks for the sweet comment! ^__^ Ureshi!

I really like Only the Ring Finger Knows too! And, highschool seme types like Daisuke and Kazuki Yuichi are my FAVOURITE type of seme. ^_^ (Sigh, it's horrible that boys' love comics are so damn predictable, but I guess that's what we like about them, right...can never get enough. ^_~)

sarafan, September 23rd, 2006, 11:46 pm

aha... i see something..

silversoul, January 29th, 2007, 7:08 am

that's cause he's gay. duh...

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