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David as done by FYDreams A Jon chibi by FYDreams A Super cute drawing by Anna-san A drop-dead sexy pic done by fabulous KingV for my birthday Super Sweet! Jon sleeping with an Atsushi plushie by Kittykattle90
Domestic Bliss! A beautiful drawing of Jon and Atsushi by wonderful Sian Studios A tres cool Jon by Porcelain Rain Tearful Longing...Naraiinoni...by Neka Bee Taiskanawoodzu--A Tasslewood/Ai, Kanarazu! Crossover from the one and only Neka Bee! My Winter pic of the Trio, coloured lovingly by Neka Bee.
Geisha and Samurai fantasy by KingV Frankenstein and his bride by Imaginary Friends Yay for mini comics! Halloween dress-up silliness by Andrea I see a ghost! PG-13 smexy smut ^_^ Adorable Halloween frogs by Pumpkin Pie